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Their spectacular footage was broadcast live on Facebook and brought tennis fans closer to their heroes than ever before.

In these times of data analytics, listening is easier than ever before. Armed with this insight, we developed a magical and strictly limited product: The result was finally the biggest hype of the German Internet history!

The first YouTube reality docu in history of advertising. In over 80 episodes the campaign delivers unadorned and authentic insights into everyday life in the Forces.

All episodes achieved the YouTube trends. The campaign surpassed all expectations. It was a topic of conversation in school yards and on the web.

Enabling employees to reward each other in a fun and impactful way, while we build a companywide feedback culture.

So job observers can directly interact with our careers expert. More than 15 teams of bloggers and influencers drove the Country discovering tipical foods and recipes and celebrating Italy and its popular cuisine.

On the go, they met Generali sales people in more than 50 parties! By making music, through the noises of networked devices — and by dancing to them.

The awareness campaign reached million impressions from relevant target groups in the focus markets US, UK, Germany and India.

Two YouTube stars, abandoned in a barren wasteland, surrounded by zombies, streamed live on Facebook. A revolutionary impression at the largest dental congress worldwide IDS and beyond?

More than a booth? With a surprising record breaking digital campaign. Before and after IDS Straumann rocked dentistry with its own rock song, web experience, Social Media song contest, Virtual Reality tour, live rock on stage shared worldwide.

Debt collection is an important economic service but its public perception is often very detached from reality. EOS is frequently confronted with negative images and bad prejudices against debt collection.

Three short films deliberately play with those stereotypes with the aim of making the taboo topic of debt collection an objective subject of conversation.

In , we decided to support a new 2-chamber Monte dessert variant with add-ons among its target group of young adults.

After humanitarian disaster, school is as important to children as food and medicine. UNICEF wanted to get investment in emergency education up the public agenda; we created 7 unforgettable films.

Fusing documentary-making with social-thinking, children living through disaster told their stories and gave simple social assignments. Young people relate best to other young people.

We created a digital version of the guide with a lot of video content and position the 10 as role models. The campaign shows possibilities of self- help and motivates to visit a dermatologist as well as to try a therapy with modern medicines.

The interlocking measures reach millions and links to the website with more in-depth information. How humane is the proposed treatment of refugees in the programmes of Dutch political parties?

Oxfam Novib analysed all the programs of the political parties and mapped their respect for the rights of refugees and their compliance with international treaties.

Trades like hairstylist, baker or plumber are considered uncool by young Bavarians. So there is a severe shortage for apprenticeships. To fill the gap of 5.

In only 8 month we managed to hire over more young Bavarians into trades. A futuristic video clip, blog and online contest engaged students and professionals to think outside the box and imagine the future of hospitality.

We empowered them to become an active contributor to the industry and the winners saw their idea come to life in a professional video.

Success was measured by high social media reach, and especially engaging and positive feedback from audiences.

The value of vocational skills and training is often overlooked, but we reached millions to change perceptions during the first ever European Vocational Skills Week for the European Commission.

Engaging digital content about our innovative research and dedication to the service of society has been seen by nearly , people in just eight months.

Content is updated on a rolling basis under five category pages: By clever use of channels and digital communication, combined with traditional media coverage, the app was downloaded more than 25, times within a week after launch — exceeding all expectations.

Imagine if elevators could talk. Imagine if people could hear the conversations between machines. The campaign showed the KONE services in real-time, capturing the public imagination through global print, online and TV coverage.

Breakthroughs begin with curiosity. With curiosity at the heart of its first ever brand campaign, science and technology company Merck started catchcurious — a global initiative to promote increased curiosity among B2B audiences.

In its first five months, the campaign microsite recorded 3. Influencer partnerships amplified the message to over 37 million contacts worldwide.

This product platform allows for clever solutions to the most pressing challenges of pharma clients in order to produce their medications both efficiently and economically.

Communication boost for McCulloch garden power tools: The Content Marketing campaign generated buzz in the target audience, with more than million digital reach and 6.

Every creative professional knows the Hovering Art Director: Including video, social, an online competition and a unique action figure. Our task was to promote new Lenovo Moto X Force with a shatterproof display via online media using only with a limited budget.

We used texture cracks of broken diplays as stories hidden in their origin. We created trend called rupturalism, increased this trend to a real art in collaboration with a painter, linked this art direction with a MotoXF.

Rupturalism campaign has become a social phenomenon. Introducing the sexiest country in Europe: What started as a study into Finnish sexual culture and national psyche, soon turned into condom PR.

The campaign film gained a million views before any paid promotion, and was covered by almost all main media in the nation.

The four big telco players in Switzerland can only gain more market share by predatory competition. The core target group is male, 26 — 45 years old, open-minded and price-sensitive.

So why not advertise in a high-affinity environment like porn sites? For years, the public has had trouble believing in the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

How can we regain the hearts of the people and fill an international public with enthusiasm for the opening? A strong image that is understood around the world and is an inspiration, and that has never been seen before.

Combining the latest in emotional intelligence technology, ChatBots, mobile apps, weather and traffic information Shell created the most advanced global driving experiment and invited drivers in the Netherlands to be a part of it.

The findings were unveiled at the Shell V-Power immersive product launch event in Amsterdam that sparked new conversations with online influencers and media.

In recruitment, nothing beats having a face to face conversation. Bank of Ireland created a series of small, well-crafted networking and recruitment events.

We then turned to our digital assets to solve a physical problem — getting the right people in the room. Using our mobile first career site and social media channels we were able to increase hires and efficiency, while reducing cost!

Dura Vermeer is one of the biggest construction companies in the Netherlands. Its ambition is to become one of the top three pioneers in the construction sector, but they need to recruit new talent for that.

The company asked PROOF to help it develop a high impact employer brand, which led to an increase in brand exposure and more vacancies filled.

Social media accelerate a crisis, as they allow information, pictures and videos to spread rapidly. In order to be prepared for the emergency, Fraport AG regularly trains processes, tools and team set-up.

Channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are simulated in a highly secure environment. A new law requires the DC power line to be laid underground.

Instead of a corporate film, HSBC NOW told a real-life love story about an employee and the difficulties she faced in having a same-sex wedding.

During the mid-season break of The Walking Dead, FOX faced the challenge of maintaining high levels of fan engagement.

It created a video demonstrating the OneBlade as an innovative grooming tool. It achieved 10m views within 24 hours and ultimately reached over 25m people within a week of posting.

The campaign was both internal, involving all employees, and external, involving showcasing our 12 meter long LEGO ship at events all over Europe from August through April HSBC re-ignited its internal anti-financial-crime message with bold and shocking films featuring convicted financial criminals.

A people trafficker and a major accounting fraudster revealed how their crimes worked and how they could have been stopped. On the HSBC intranet, these films achieved record audience figures and encouraged a renewed conversation about a crucial subject.

WhatFutures is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game played entirely through WhatsApp, where participants play together in small teams to complete a series of challenges.

Almost young people participated in the 10 day long game and contributed to Strategy Do you know the Merck innovation center?

If not, then you have something in common with many Merck employees. We created a cross media campaign that encourages the employees to engage with the theme innovation in an entertaining way through use of gamification and an intriguing story.

Does this phone express my lifestyle? That is the primary concern of a consumer when buying a new phone.

Yes, most phones are sold based on technical features. Legal alternatives for watching films and series pop up like mushrooms.

However, not everyone is switching yet. The most important reason? The content is completely fragmented. VodafoneZiggo gave 33 students the opportunity to create a daily political TV show prior to the national Dutch elections.

For 2 months they were trained and equipped with all the tools needed. Using Information and Telecommunication Technology to reduce carbon emissions is not a new understanding.

But the awareness of this positive effect of the usage of ICT is low. This campaign targets the B2B decision makers and inspire them to think different.

The internet is constantly changing, influencing how we live and work — keeping up is vital to be able to benefit fully from new opportunities it offers.

We want all Belgians to seize those online opportunities while remaining safe and secure. The resulting page sustainability report should deliberately not be presented and made available to the general public in printed but in digital form.

MyJourneyBegins is an integrated, cross-media communication campaign that positions the brand AccorHotels as the best travel partner.

Individualized sneakers enabled bloggers, journalists, employees and social media followers to act as brand ambassadors during the ITB and beyond.

The sneakers became a symbol for the beginning of a journey with AccorHotels. Mars was the first program on National Geographic that combined fiction and factual content within one series.

This approach necessitated driving tune-in messaging, creating local relevance, and tapping into current events by partnering with the European Space Agency.

The Swiss telco provider UPC has secured a leading role as entertainment provider. Their eSports engagement is garnering lots of trust and credibility with a young, active crowd.

By applying a distinct cultural filter to all activities and content, it builds a community of employees, potential candidates and like-minded creators who are all inspired by the same idea: All videos included relevant facts about the respective location.

The Toyota C-HR Hybrid has been designed to offer a consumption reduced mobility solution for a young design and ecological orientated target group.

We needed to find a great starting point to roll out a digital communication campaign. The traditional Norwegian shoe fabricant, ALFA, defines their mission to contribute to better hiking experiences.

In they hired one man to walk for one year, in mission to inspire people to an active lifestyle. On August 2, , Instagram launched a new format: Traveling through the mountains with them via the web are the followers of the global Instagram account of Mercedes-Benz.

The authentic target-group campaign MBdolomates yielded 47 million contacts. The bank gathered real life stories about real acts of courage in The Book of Courage.

More than 2, books were distributed in 40 public libraries in Romania reaching more than 40, children and inspiring them to read and become a brave generation.

In challenging conventions to make things better, Mazda is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to interact with potential new customers, ideally winning product commitment.

We gave Germans a taste of new places with our digital kiosk. Shop-owners from Asia and the USA were live-streamed to the streets of Germany, giving away 10, exotic items.

This was enabled by a videoconferencing system and integrated vending machine. The kiosk was seen by , visitors and shared 7. In order to involve EDP customers in the 40th anniversary two engagement activities were developed: The complex project combined HR and image campaigns into a carefully orchestrated social media drive.

To attract more foreign visitors to downtown Eindhoven, we launched an influencer campaign in which we invited several bloggers from all over Europe.

Go out and create an international online buzz around Eindhoven with awesome user generated content. The results exceeded all our expectations!

Fitbit loves moving and everyone moves in some way. But why people move is highly dependent on their individual way of life. As hype about wearables was decreasing, we needed to elevate Fitbit from a product-focused approach and further infiltrate pop culture.

Summer vacation — the best time of the year for all students. But roaming costs and the fear of unpayable mobile bills turn the smartphone usage abroad into an expensive undertaking.

CallYa is the first German prepaid offer that eliminates all roaming costs — one year in advance to the legal change. Three of them in Spain.

Following the clues on social media channels, creating a competition where the audience had to step up from the online to the offline, moving the community from their screens to cheer together celebrating the Barrel Hunt.

For the first time ever, Swedes had the opportunity to get their Instagram photos on real postagestamps.

The campaign was built upon co-creation and received more than one new contribution every six minutes, round-the-clock, for three months.

To tackle this Sandoz launched the HACk — Healthcare Access Challenge to find young people with small ideas that would have a big impact on improving healthcare in local communities.

By drawing on the research-based knowledge that students want to travel over everything else, and combined with their fascination with new technology, UBS created an online competition featuring degree videos.

Guess the location and win the trip. With almost 34, participants and Almost one in two people with asthma suffer symptoms despite therapy, putting their health at risk.

Worryingly, they accept this as normal. Its use of AI is a bold, new industry approach to customer care. Project Kalba Kaimynai Neighbors Talk is an unique and a hyper-local news service, active in 8 towns of Lithuania.

Original news content coverage is provided for 20 districts in major cities and 4 smaller towns. It also promotes interest in their living environment, supervised by companies of City Service SE.

From a strategy focused on improving the passengers experience, Accenture redefined the position of ANA Airports digital channels. International Convention Centre, Jerusalem, Israel.

Yoav Ginay, Tzvika Pik. National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, Storbritannien. Point Theatre, Dublin, Irland.

Green Glens Arena, Millstreet, Irland. Studio 15 di Cinecitta, Rom, Italien. Lisinski Hall, Zagreb, Jugoslavien. Riva - Rock Me. Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne, Schweiz.

Nella Martinetti, Atilla Sereftug. Simmonscourt Pavillion, Dublin, Irland. Palais du Centenaire, Bryssel, Belgien.

Alain Garcia, Jean-Pierre Millers. Bernd Meinunger, Ralph Siegel. Conference Centre, Harrogate, Storbritannien.

Andy Hill, John Danter. Shimrit Orr, Kobi Oshrat. Ehud Manor, Nurit Hirsh. Joe Gracy, Jean-Paul Cara. Wembley Conference Centre, London, Storbritannien.

The Dome, Brighton, Storbritannien. Vline Buggy, Claude Morgan. Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Storbritannien. Yves Dessca, Jean-Pierre Bourtayre.

Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, Irland. Derry Lindsay, Jackie Smith. Peter Warne, Alan Moorhouse. Teatro Real, Madrid, Spanien. Lennie Kuhr, David Hartsema.

Alcalde, Maria Jose De Cerato. Royal Albert Hall, London, Storbritannien. Bill Martin, Phil Coulter. Mario Panzeri, Nicola Salerno.

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National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, Storbritannien. Point Theatre, Dublin, Irland. Green Glens Arena, Millstreet, Irland.

Studio 15 di Cinecitta, Rom, Italien. Lisinski Hall, Zagreb, Jugoslavien. Riva - Rock Me. Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne, Schweiz.

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Derry Lindsay, Jackie Smith. Peter Warne, Alan Moorhouse. Teatro Real, Madrid, Spanien. Lennie Kuhr, David Hartsema.

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